Customer Support: Training to Employment with Generation

My Story…. by Ben  (completed Customer Support Course – Manchester 2021)

Before Generation,  I worked a warehouse job for about 6 months. After my job ended I was sitting on my chair doing nothing productive. I had a lot of free time so I joined this free course to meet new people and learn new skills that would benefit me. I never really considered a career in Customer Support before joining the course. But thanks to my instructor (Jacqui Turner) I was convinced about this as a career because it’s a needed service. Customers will always need support for a variety of reasons and there’s an unlimited amount of businesses that need your services as well.


The Generation Bootcamp helped me learn skills like multitasking, stress management for difficult customers, empathetic language, de-escalating language and patience.  I most enjoyed developing new verbal skills such as de-escalation techniques and positive language,  as we got to apply our learning  through role plays with the class (all online). At first I thought I would dislike the role plays, however I found them very helpful and useful, and now I know how to apply techniques that would help take control of a ‘real world’  situation. 


After the Bootcamp, Generation connected me to interview with Teleperformance,  an award winning company that specializes in offering customer service for companies who wish to outsource. Using the CV and interview techniques taught on programme, I am pleased to say, I managed to secure a role as a customer support advisor. 

Since I managed to ace my job interview. I’ve become more confident in the language I use. I’ve also met new and interesting colleagues [from the online class] who I’m still connected to now. 


If I had to sum up my experience with Generation in 1 word, it would be…Beneficial. You can learn new skills that’d help you get a head start in your job search with improvements to your CV writing,  as well as acing your job interviews.  Lastly, I’ve learnt new ways to save money (from the money management session), such as having multiple ways to store your income for different needs like holidays, car insurance, etc.