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Kickstart your career with Generation’s Career Support Programme

Getting a foothold in the job market can be tough — especially in recent months as we have all struggled to adapt to the changes brought about by coronavirus.

Generation’s Career Support programme helps you to find clear next steps for progressing your career, and supports you to get there quickly — whether you know what you want to do but are struggling to get a foot in the door, or if you’re still figuring out what type of role could work for you.

Career Support is free, and exclusively available for people in Leeds City Region who are unemployed, long-term out of work or on a zero hours contract. Sign up now, or read more about what’s involved below.

What happens on the programme?

  • You choose! We have a website with loads of hints, tips, videos and an employability toolkit to get you started, which you can work through progressively. Do you struggle with confidence in interviews? No idea how to make your CV stand out? Not sure how to build your sector experience? You can pick from a range of modules to improve your skills in the areas that matter to you.
  • We also have regular workshops delivered by a career coach where you can grow your likelihood of getting a job by understanding how to analyse your strengths, how to talk confidently about yourself and your skills, how to distill this into a standout CV, writing a brilliant application or cover letter and then sealing the deal at interview. Our experienced Career Coach can walk you through lots of different scenarios and help you understand the process of getting a job and helping point out what recruiters are looking for from top candidates.
  • Book a 1:1 with a career coach who can talk through any particular challenges you may be facing and help you make a plan to overcome them.
  • Get feedback on your CV and take mock interviews, where you can practice your answers to some common questions and receive feedback from a career advisor.
  • Access the financial support you’re entitled to — We’ll support you to access benefits you may be entitled to through the government, and if you are a lone parent we may be able to assist with additional costs such as childcare.

Our website and mock interviews are available on-demand whenever you want to access them, with events and workshops happening every week, so sign up and we’ll get in touch to let you know when your first session will be.

Program Length

Flexible, up to 8 weeks

Online modules, workshops and 1:1 support

With this flexible programme, you choose the pace and learning style more suitable for you.

A few simple steps

  1. 1

    Now: Sign up

    If you are living in Leeds City Region and are unemployed or on a zero hours contract.

  2. 2


    You can choose how you access our content. From online-only, taking part in online workshops, or booking a 1:1 call with a coach, you have various ways of accessing our help that is at a time convenient to you.

  3. 3


    Take part in skills modules to build your ability in the areas that matter to you - whether that's feeling confident at interview, creating a great CV, or working towards a specific career such as tech or hospitality.

  4. 4


    If you need help with a particular job you have seen, or are lacking a bit of motivation, come along to a drop-in session where a career coach is on hand to give you help and advice to overcome any hurdles. It could be a pep-talk, it could be how to organise your job search, it could be a quick CV proofing — a careers advisor will also be on hand to get you into the next step.

  5. 5


    Once you have the basics, we will support you to decide on concrete next steps and where possible, refer you into opportunities to help you along the way. This could be a job in the sector you care about, a chance to network with industry professionals, a training course, or extra support from a specialist organisation.

"It has helped me find a sense of direction and I now clearly see a pathway that I can take directly to my goals"
Career Support 2020 participant


  • Aged 18+
  • Not currently in education, training, or employment
  • Living in Yorkshire
  • You have the legal right to work & live in the UK


Skills Earned

Technical Skills

We’ll help you learn the technical skills to identify great roles, apply for them, succeed at interview and negotiate your terms in a new role.

  • How to discover your strengths with personality testing and career coaching
  • How to choose the right CV format and display your strengths in a way that stands out from the crowd
  • How to write a compelling cover letter that focuses on Impact
  • How to prepare for interview and how to answer in an effective way to show-case your talent

Behavior & Mindsets

Learn how to:

  • Search for jobs in a way to maximise your time
  • Stay motivated in your job search
  • Utilize your networks in your job hunt
  • Think like a recruiter to guarantee maximum success

Ongoing benefits of Generation

A Trusted Network

Continued contact with the Generation graduate network


Events and workshops to help you keep growing

Give Back

Become a mentor to help others


Troubleshoot your job challenges