Fatima’s story: Tech Talent Accelerator program

Fatima arrived in the UK as an asylum seeker. She was placed in foster care and began the education track for non-English speakers. She quickly mastered the language and eventually started her BTECs in college. She always knew she was interested in technology and software development, and was thrilled to land an apprenticeship with Accenture. From it she learned that she was even more drawn to technology and less interested in the business side of things. After overcoming many systemic barriers and supporting herself independently, she found that she needed more guidance and mentorship before she could break into tech.


Fatima was used to getting by on her own, but through the Generation program she learned that she enjoys collaboration and sharing knowledge. The group dynamic was mutually supportive, nurturing, and inspiring for her. Everyone felt comfortable sharing their struggles and pushing each other to stay motivated.

She appreciated the Growth Mindset training module, where she learned to see how much she has grown, how strong she is, and how every obstacle she’s faced has been a tremendous learning experience. She learned to react to changing circumstances in a mindful and considered way. On the technical side, she loved learning JavaScript, the GitHub workflow and web design using HTML and CSS.


Jobs she previously thought were inaccessible without a computer science degree are now responding to her applications with requests to interview. She used to take rejection personally, but now she has a fresh perspective on the job hunt. She is confident she will find the right opportunity. In the meantime, she is working on her portfolio and has joined a community for Black women who code.