GENERATION: You Employed, UK & Ireland Supply Chain Policy

Last updated: December 2021

Approval: Approved by Board in February 2022 meeting, evidenced in minutes.

This policy is published on the Generation website and updated annually as the responsibility of the CEO. It concerns the use of subcontractors and supply chain members where delivery is funded by funds from the Adult Education Budget or ESF.

  1. Intent: From time to time Generation: You Employed, UK and Generation: You Employed, Ireland (both referred to “Generation” hereafter with both organisations following this policy) will subcontract delivery of services to third parties or “supply chain members”. This could include, not exhaustively, instruction and mentorship  delivery for example. We will do so where subcontracting allows Generation to more effectively, efficiently or impactfully deliver its charitable mission, strategic and operational aims. We will only do so where permitted by and in line with the terms of our funding arrangements and agreements.
  2. Quality: When working with supply chain members to deliver learner or beneficiary facing services Generation commits to work together with supply chain members to improve the quality and effectiveness of that delivery as if it were delivered by our colleagues.  Supply chain member delivery will be regularly observed by Generation team members and regular review meetings conducted with action plans and recommendations for improvements made on the basis of observation and collected data – including learner feedback and learner outcome data.  Each supply chain member will have a designated Generation colleague responsible for review and improvement of their quality.  A precise plan of performance review will be agreed with each supply chain member before the start of delivery.
  3. Costs and fees: Generation will agree delivery costs with supply chain members in advance of beginning any delivery.  Costs will only be agreed to where they are reasonable and proportionate.  When subcontracting to a supply chain member, Generation will also budget for and consider the (extra) costs from managing and monitoring (specifically the estimated time of colleagues and team members to be devoted) supply chain members.
  4. Management: Generation will enter into a contract with all subcontractors and supply chain members. This contract will explain the purpose of the work together and clear deliverables expected of the supply chain member. As well as this the contract will include payment terms as well as Generation’s commitment to the supply chain member and lay out the monitoring and review process (including Generation’s estimate of the costs incurred in managing the partner). Where subcontractors are working with learners, subcontractors will sign and follow Generation’s safeguarding policies and processes.
  5. Due Diligence: When appointing new supply chain members Generation will conduct a due diligence check on the organisation or individual. Specifically Generation will check and confirm that (i) (where relevant) the latest Ofsted reports do not conclude as “insufficient process made” or “inadequate”, (ii) (where relevant) companies house lists the organisation as “active”, (iii) (where relevant) statutory accounts are not overdue on companies house (iv) (where relevant) there is not an above-average risk from a credit agency, and (v) (where relevant)  the organisation has not passed a resolution (or the court has made an order) to wind up or liquidate the company or has appointed administrators.  The diligence will also evaluate potential subcontractors’ approaches to Diversity and Inclusion in their own organisation by at least reviewing their policy. The diligence will also look into potential conflicts of interest, assess their impact and declare them where required.  A document will be created by the team member leading the subcontracting exercise to log this process.
  6. Procurement: Where Generation requires delivery of a new service for a contract of more than >£25,000 Generation will advertise the opportunity on its website for >10 days (including requirements, how to apply, and how the successful candidates will be chosen), proactively engage organisations already engaged with Generation and known to deliver similar services and ensure receipt of at least 3 written quotes and assess bids against a scorecard of set of criteria (including value for money, track record, and suitability).  For contracts >£181,302 a thorough plan will be made outside of the scope of this document.  Generation will only procure services to one level – i.e. Generation will not procure contracts or enter into agreement with supply chain members where to deliver the work required supply chain members need to subcontract again to another party.