In line with government advice to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus all in-person training on Generation programmes has been suspended as of 20th March 2020. Where possible, classes have been shifted to remote learning, and will continue.

Thank you for the ongoing support of our students, instructors, mentors, staff, partners, and funders at this time.

Applications to our programs will remain active via the website, and we look forward to resuming full operations in due course.


New hires who add value from day one

Many employers struggle to find entry-level staff with the right technical skills and personal attributes needed to perform in the role. Generation sources, trains, and energises new recruits who can create value for your business from their first day on the job. Generation also works with employers to customise programs based on your specific needs. Read about our learning model on our global site

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Generation Delivers

Employment 80%

Job placement within 3 months of graduation

Graduation rate 97%

We identify young people who have the motivation to launch their career, and dedicated mentors work with them to ensure they complete the programme successfully

High retention 66%

of graduates remain employed one year after placement

Quality talent 84%

of our employers say that Generation graduates perform better than average

Generation: Exactly What Employers Need

We focus on tracking and raising the return on investment (ROI) that employers get from recruiting and training. As a result, your new hires operate at higher productivity, with longer retention, and faster speed to promotion.

How we solve problems

“It would take years to do what Generation prepares those students for within a few months."