Entry-level talent management is hard, and Generation can make it easier for you.

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How we solve

Talent Scarcity

Sometimes there just aren’t enough qualified candidates for the jobs you need to fill. Generation offers a reliable pipeline of highly-skilled talent that’s ready quickly since our bootcamp style programmes last a matter of weeks.

How we solve

On-the-job performance quality

When new hires start, they can struggle to get-up-to-speed. Generation’s training requires extensive practice of the most important activities so that our graduates are your best employees from day one on the job.

How we solve

High turnover

Managing churn in entry-level roles can be uniquely challenging. Generation ensures our graduates understand the demands of a role before they start work, and then provides mentorship and support during the first months of employment so that they stay on the job for the long term.

How we solve

The need to reskill employees

Automation and digitization are changing the nature of work and the skills required. Generation partners with employers to reskill workers for new, in-demand roles, either at their current workplace or in a different industry / employer all together.

We've got it covered

We recruit, train, and place non-traditional candidates in entry-level, middle-skill roles across a range of sectors and professions—and are adding new ones all the time.

Digital & Technology

  • Cloud support engineer
  • Software engineer pre-apprenticeship
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Analyst
  • IT Support


  • Trainee nursing assistant

Customer services & sales

  • Customer Support
  • Green programme - Retrofit Adviser

How can we help you?

Find out more about hiring graduates from one of our programs. Don’t see the profession you need? We regularly work with employers to create new programs. Reach out to start a conversation.