AWS re/Start FAQs

  1. How can I apply for a programme?

    Navigate to the programme page and select the register your interest button OR the apply button. If there is an option to register your interest, this means that we are not currently receiving applications and that we will make contact with you as soon as programmes are open.

  2. I have registered my interest, how do I do the tests?

    Thanks for registering your interest in our programme. As you have registered your interest please note that this means our applications are not open just yet. As soon as they do, we will get in touch with you to let you start the application process.

  3. I have started my application, but I am seeing a blank screen?

    It’s important to confirm your email address once you have started your application, without doing this you won’t be able to progress to the next stage. You will also need to enable cookies and pop-ups in your browser to access the application. We have outlined the steps that you need to follow below:

    • Close your current application window
    • Confirm your email address – an email would have come your way asking you to do this (please check your spam/junk folder as it may have gone in there)
    • Enable cookies in your browser (if you’re not sure how to do this a quick web search will provide instructions on how to do this based on the web browser you are using)
    • Log back into the application form in a *new browser window* or try incognito mode

    If you’re still struggling to access your application, please do get in touch with us.

  4. Are you still running programmes during COVID?

    In line with government advice to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus all in-person training on Generation programmes were suspended as of 20th March 2020. Where possible, classes have been shifted to remote learning and will continue to be taught in this method. As soon as it is viable, we will switch back to in-person classes.  Applications to our programs will remain active via the website, and we look forward to resuming full operations in due course.

  5. How can I register for the taster day?

    In order to attend a taster day, you will need to first start the application process and undertake some tests. Providing that you meet our minimum pass requirements we will invite you to a taster day.

  6. Can I apply for more than one programme?

    You are allowed to apply for as many programmes as you like, please note that you must use a different email address for each application that you make. Otherwise, our system will not allow you to start a new application.

  7. Are there any sample programme exercises I can do?

    We recommend that you undertake the courses we have signposted to you on the programme page as they will give you a good idea of the types of content you will cover on the programme.

  8. I’m not sure which programme I should apply to?

    Not to worry, we understand that there are lots of programmes to pick from. We would recommend that you have a go at our quiz here which should help you with deciding the best type of tech programme for you.

  9. Why do you not support people outside of the 18-29 category?

    Generation is currently funded to support young people aged 18 – 29. However, we are exploring offering programmes to other age groups. At present we are piloting our Reskill programme in Birmingham for those aged 30+, find out more here on how to apply.

    We would encourage you to periodically visit our website as we are frequently adding to the opportunities we offer to accommodate other groups/age ranges.

  10. I don’t live in the UK, but I am interested – can I apply?

    Providing that you have the legal right to live and work in the UK we would be happy to receive your application. If this is not you, Generation does have offices in over 13 other countries around the world. Take a look here to see if we run programmes where you live

  11. What support will I be provided to secure employment?

    Generation graduates continue to be supported by Mentors and receive expert guidance to secure employment. This includes creating stand-out CVs and receiving interview coaching on how to perform at competency and technical interviews. Generation graduates are also introduced to employers looking for entry-level talent through our exclusive Employer Connection Events. At Generation, we are committed to supporting you to gain employment, which is why as standard all graduates are supported for 6 months after graduation to help you land your dream role.

  12. How much does this programme cost?

    The programme is free for all applicants.

  13. My application is under review, how long is this going to take?

    Please note that it can take up to 2 weeks for your application to move onto the next stage of the process. If you have not heard back in 2 weeks then get in touch with us.

  14. Why was my application rejected?

    Your application was rejected as you have not met one of our programmes criteria’s. Please ensure that you take a read of these on the programme page (these can differ depending on the location of your programme).

    Common reasons for why you may have been rejected are because you have indicated one or more of the below on your application form:

    • Do not meet the age criteria for the programme
    • Do not live in the catchment area
    • Are currently working over 16 hours (*in Manchester or the West Midlands ONLY )
    • You’ve stated that you are in a permanent role or work shifts* (*in London ONLY)
    • Will be in full-time education or training at the start of the programme
    • Do not have the right to live and work in the UK
    • Are not available for the full duration of the programme
    • Are not able to start a job straight after the programme is complete
    • Did not score the minimum number of points on one of our tasks to move onto the next stage
  15. I can’t come to the taster day, does this mean that I will not be considered for an interview?

    Attending a taster day is an important part of the process, this is your opportunity to find out about the programme, hear from employers and graduates of the course and also receive information about the next stage of the process.

    You should make every effort to attend the taster day, however, if this is not possible you will still be able to access the next part of the application as we will send you a recording of the event.

  16. Do I have to complete the final task in one sitting?

    The final task should take you at least one hour to complete, therefore, the window will not automatically time-out. You are able to open other tabs on your window to research how to best answer the question.

    Please note that once you have submitted your answer you cannot go back and amend it, therefore, we recommend that you read through your answer/s thoroughly prior to submitting it.

  17. Can I reapply if I don’t get in this time?

    We are more than happy to receive a second application from you in the future if you do not get a place this time around.